Eclipse is a ultra premium brand that is ready in 6-8 weeks. This wine kit uses the finest quality varietal juice from around the world to please the most seasoned palates. 





Selection wines are a popular premium wine that is ready in 6-8 weeks. Selection wine kits boast excellent body, aroma and flavour, perfect for any occasion. 

World Vineyard

World Vinyard is ready in 4 weeks and feature grapes from Australia, California, South America, and Europe. This is a versatile wine that doesn't require extensive aging and still offers great flavour. 

Vintner's Reserve

A wine ready in 4 weeks, it offers quality flavours and aromas. 

Island Mist

Island Mist is ready in 4 weeks and is a fruity alternative to your typical wine or wine cooler. Crisp and fresh with a fruit flavour, Island Mist is a refreshing substitute for wine. 

World Vineyard - - 4 Week Wine Kit

RJS Craft Winemaking

Cellar Classic Winery Series

View the website for the complete selection of Cellar Classic Winery Series

Cru Select

See the website for the full selection of the Cru Select wines.

Premier Cru

View the Premier Cru wine selection here.

Grand Cru International

View the Grand Cru International wine selection here. 

Grand Cru

View the Grand Cru wine selection here. 

Brew House

View the website for the complete selection of Brew House beer kits. 

Grand Cru - - 4 Week Wine Kit

Heritage Estates

View the website for the complete selection of Heritage Estates wine. 

Orchard Breezin

View the website for the complete selection of Orchard Breezin wine. 

Ingredient and Equipment Suppliers

White Oak Cellars also carries ingredients and equipment from the following suppliers. Check out their websites for more information on their stock, and please let us know if you would like us place an order for you. 

Noble Grape: Urban Winery


Winemakeri Inc


ABC Cork Company





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