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Make your wine on our premises and have the confidence of knowing you will go home with a fine wine you can be proud of.


How do I get started with Brew on Premise?


First, figure out what kind of wine you would like to make and the type of kit you would like to purchase. Visit our store to purchase the kit, and we will get your wine kit started.


Add the Yeast


Once you have made your purchase, we will ask you to add the yeast, and we will give you a date to come back when the wine is ready to bottle. Depending on the kit, this will be between 4 to 8 weeks after you purchased your kit.



When you arrive for your bottling appointment, bring 30 clean empty wine bottles. Once you arrive, we will properly sanitize the bottles. Browse our selection of labels and shrink caps while you wait!


You will fill the sanitized bottles with your wine, then cork, label and shrink cap the bottles. We have all the necessary equipment to make this process fun and easy, and one of our staff will be with you to guide you along the way.

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